Isola 16: Chia’s opinion on the twenty-second episode

I imply, let me perceive. We had two ’90s items on our arms. Solar rises me True Gem, load to MM Spring and keen to sow panic among the many castaways of theIsland 16and we made them keep in palapa seashore as a lot because the girlfriend of Blind or the good friend of Stephanie Bernal? However in what sense, excuse me? Issues that even the exes roger baldwin She stayed there a number of extra days to feed the false triangle, and the 2 of them nothing? However I speechless! However why?

You made them arrive in Honduras, you locked them within the spa for ten days for quarantine, you made a thousand proclamations about “pirate’s touchdown“…And then you definately make them come again with out even giving us time to offer us half a catfight? However what HUGE WASTE is that?

And I do know very nicely what the characters like Solar me you will note they’re amongst those that love them or hate them, huh. It is sufficient to open the social networks to see with what enthusiasm individuals commented on his arrival today, amongst which “I can’t wait!“And who”but additionally not!However FOR THIS ONLY they had been PERFECT for wreaking havoc not solely on Seashore (particularly from Edoardo TavassiHe at all times mentioned that the girl of his life is Solar“…), but additionally among the many spectators. That currently I see them extra discharged than opponents in Honduras, nearly.

We had at our disposal the 2 maybe most divisive castaways in actuality TV historical past. Those that cannot hold a bobblehead of their mouths need not pay them. These with the cabbage which are left apart when the battle begins however, quite the opposite, you at all times discover them within the foreground. And as a substitute of pitting them in opposition to the castaways to convey a fierce controversy to life, you make them eat bull balls for his or her group to earn sponsor tokens. I feel it is proper.

Isola 16: Chia's opinion on the twenty-second episode

Ship Solar me you will note in Honduras for a hit-and-run did not make any sense, however not even having guendalina tavassi me Alexander Iannoni lastly within the studio (together with Blind me lycia nunezregardless that they’re spun lower than the lawyer Ciccioline) and -instead of letting them sow some discord even remotely- make them the protagonists of simply a few security pin jokes that do not fregavacaz * me nobody kidding, huh.

Write that genda even from Cologno Monzese would be capable to create extra dynamics throughout a dwell broadcast than half of those that are in Honduras in every week, however we rightly query it simply to check the curiosity of mercedes cylinder in the direction of Eduardo. Occchei.

I trusted them to boost this version (which is heading in the direction of an epilogue that’s starting to be too predictable to be forceful, I let you know) however nothing. By no means ‘na pleasure, as ordinary.

Amongst different issues, I do not find out about you, however I ‘sti castaways I see them a bit of’ on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Everybody, with out distinction. Amongst pamela petrarolo who talks to mango bushes and when he wins televoting he exclaims in exultation “I’ve a chilly! That is Pamela Seashore, Ilary!me carmen dipietro who spends half an episode asking Alexander if I modified the tires and paid for the automotive insurance coverage… good however not excellent, so to talk.

To not point out that we proceed systematically torpedoing these few computerized turbines of discomfort and holding the worst bedside tables at stake, I do not understand how we received to June 27 like this.

The growth not solely finally ends up distorting the sport, depriving us of castaways who deserved the whole lot, however it’s destroying the few which are left within the race.

Within the rice battle, for instance, though I sympathize from the start Eduardo, Carmen me Nicholas Vaporidisin all honesty i discovered them extreme in the direction of Nick Luciani. Simply since you’ve been out of sight and quiet for weeks doesn’t suggest you possibly can’t weigh in everytime you need. Alternatively, as a layman, it will additionally appear extra smart to me to have lunch, that having a bit of extra power can come in useful through the day to fish or go searching for coconuts, than to have dinner when the one factor left is to sleep. . However that is simply my opinion. Nick he had merely expressed his, and the “vehemence“What the group actually accused him of on the time I’ve not seen.

Let me be clear, I’m additionally of the opinion that Nick be a skillful participant. He has at all times stayed on the sidelines and has by no means uncovered himself, not even within the discussions that paradoxically unleash him. He first uncovered an issue by insinuating doubt to the opposite castaways, then he known as himself and stayed there to benefit from the spectacle of how they slaughtered one another. And there may be genius on this, it have to be acknowledged. That he’s a crafty strategist nobody doubts, then. However there may be, it is a recreation. What’s equally goal, nevertheless, is that they don’t let yet another go. As he does, he’s now improper and he finds all of them in opposition to him.

Nevertheless, this by no means justifies what would have occurred yesterday away from the cameras. If what extra castaways instructed us through the nominations had been true, we truly would have refused to apologize. Carmen who prolonged his hand as an indication of peace or who went mouth to mouth with Nicholas telling him “Have a look at me lower than you!“It might present that the extension is definitely not going nicely for him, quite the opposite.

saint’s lory paid the worth for his clumsy technique of whispering evil in his ear that not even themariuccia kindergarten. Predictable elimination, yours.

What bothers me as a substitute is that Stephanie he is nonetheless there. Completely unpunished, as if nothing had occurred. A parachute of epic proportions, which he has spent weeks clandestinely plotting along with his exes. Shark to then openly soar on the ex’s automotive Cockroach after noticing the place the applause from the studio was heading. By no means was a nickname extra applicable than stefalsia, santodddio. And if you would like proof I like to recommend you begin with VideoMediaset an prolonged random model of the day. You’ll discover your self in entrance of Bernal whereas they riot Eduardo me Nicholas with a sequence of persuasions that calling them shameful could be an understatement. embarrassing alone

And my coronary heart cried a bit of once I heard Nicholas say it “there isn’t a consistency, there isn’t a honesty“On Nickwhen shortly after I needed to see Eduardo save the liar, I’m trustworthy. Do not be fooled by ‘she’s upset too please!

Within the weekly televote Nick, Stephanie, Marialaura DeVitis me Gennaro Auletto. And, given the tendency to weed out anybody who does not just like the trio who’s the grasp (and who will make up the ultimate podium), I am betting the nation cousin. You could take consolation within the a couple of hundred concert events that await you in Philadelphia, Brooklyn and Chicago. Me too mane pores and skin muti calm and good.

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