Marialaura, Gennaro, Estefanía and Nick within the nomination. Lory Del Santo eradicated

Isola 2022, June 6: Marialaura, Gennaro, Estefania and Nick in nominations. Lory Del Santo eradicated. Flash raid for Vera Gemma and Soleil Stasi returning to Italy. There are three episodes to go and the subsequent date with the reside from It is for Monday, June 13.

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01.31 The twenty-second episode ofsuperstar island ends right here. Appointment subsequent Monday with reside from Thanks for being with us

01.20 The castaways will disembark on a brand new Island the place they must begin over

01.18 Luca nominates Estefania

01.17 Nick is probably the most voted castaway of the group, the identify of the chief Luca is lacking

01.16 Ilary Blasi greets Vera Gemma and Soleil Stasi who return to Italy

01.15 Marco Maccarini within the studio

11.01 Between Lory and Pamela, Lory del Santo with 21% definitively leaves Isola dei Famosi and returns to Italy. Pamela wins with 79% of the votes

01.04 Final 30 seconds earlier than closing the flash televote between Lory and Pamela

01.00 Edward – Nick. All of the castaways who voted for him say that Nick got here out of the air beneath Nicolás saying “You much less” after which refused to shake Carmen’s hand as an indication of peace.

00.59 Stephanie – Nick

00.57 Marialaura – Nick

00.55 Mercedes-Nick

00.53 Mark – Stephanie

00.52 Gennaro – Stephanie

00.51 Within the studio a lame Roger

00.39 Nick names

00.44 Nick – Stephanie

00.35 Carmen nominates Nick

00.34 The primary is Nicholas who names Nick

00.33 Let’s begin with the nominations

00.31 Lory del Santo lands at Playa Sgamadissima. Quickly a lightning televote will open between her and Pamela, whoever loses returns to Italy definitively

00.26 Reference to Pamela who’s alone in Sgamadissima Seashore after Roger’s abandonment

00.24 Luca wins once more

00.19 Solei chooses: Nicolás and Estefanía. Vera: Luca and Mercedesz

00.18 For the chief take a look at there are solely 4 locations, to determine who to deploy the pirates

00.15 Soleil saves Carmen after which: Nicolás – Edoardo – Estefania. Marialaura results in televoting with Gennaro

00.14 Vera wins. So now it is as much as Soleil to begin the rescue chain.

00.13 Third and final course: a milkshake of viscera

00.06 Second course: bull testicles and worms

00.03 The castaways of the 2 groups must eat “indigestible” meals. Begin with hen ft and fried grasshoppers

23.51 The return of Vera’s crew in opposition to Soleil’s. Parmesan and occasional out there. The one who loses will ship one in all its members in nomination

23.46 Temptation/prank for Mercedesz

23.42 Edoardo: “We spent extra time collectively and the prejudices I had initially have vanished”

23.39 Edoardo and Mercedesz are transported to the snake’s lair to speak about their relationship. Shorten

23.29 Soleil wins once more in tandem with Edoardo

23.24 Castaways within the reward take a look at, at all times divided into two groups. Able to seize chips

11.20 Soleil and Vera give their vote to the male castaways

Isola 2022, Countryside Cousins’ Nick rebels in opposition to the group: “I do not take a stand on the st**nzate”

23.13 Nick: “I by no means stated something, however now you are feeling the starvation and now I’ve the ground, they’ve the mistaken approach of placing themselves. I don’t take positions for bullshit “

11.11 Nicolás: «Since Nick retired he has modified, he has been invisible till now. He ruined the tent, he took it badly, he by no means apologized to anybody and out of spite, when the fireplace cowl was broken, he didn’t need to restore it after which accused Edo, Mercedesz and Estefania. Once you ask him for explanations, he would not speak to you, he simply does what fits him “

22.50 Carmen within the nominations space to talk with Alessandro

Isola 2022, Soleil queen of the assessments and the B. Nicola Savino «We’re all distracted». Social in delirium

22.45 Vera saves Mercedez and to comply with: Luca, Marco, Nick. Gennaro within the nomination

22.43 Take a look at gained by Soleil. Then, Might’s crew should identify the primary named via a ransom chain.

Isola 2022, all in opposition to Lory del Santo. Vladimir Luxuria: “You have got two faces”

22.41 Soelil turns his again exhibiting a b-side tonic that “distracts” Nicola Savino and Edoardo specifically

22.39 Soleil vs Luca for the problem of the Vitruvian man, bread and salami at stake

22.33 In Vera’s crew: Nick, Luca, Mercedesz, Gennaro and Cucolo

22.32 Within the Soleil crew: Nicolás, Edoardo, Marialaura, Estefanía, Carmen

22.31 Soleil and Vera now need to create their very own crew

22.27 Lory del Santo eradicated, will land at Sgamadissima Seashore, her Judas kiss goes to Luca

22.24 With the ultimate approaching the nerves soar extra simply, clip. In a Si reintra of the continuing publicity dispute between Nicholas and Nick

22.18 One between Estefania Bernal and Lory Del Santo must go away the Palapa to achieve Playa Sgamadissima. Final 30 seconds earlier than televoting closes

22.16 Luxuria very laborious with Lory: “Lory two faces, you’re an agitating actress we’ve seen the movies once you go first to 1 after which to a different”

22.12 Lory: «There are seven and they’re united, they invented that I communicate sick of others. This story was invented as a result of there are not any movies, I’m coated in oil and it slips as a result of the reality will come to mild. Marco instructed me that I’ve to cover and never reply, however I am not like that.” Cucolo: «I’m on the aspect of the reality, in some instances Lory factors to issues that might be averted. In others, it’s Lory who’s mistaken, within the choices that he could make. I give her recommendation however then she will get away with it, I can not change her thoughts ». Vera defends Lory: “I do not like this coalition of the group in opposition to her, additionally they did it to me final yr.” Soleil: “I am extra on the aspect of Edoardo, Nicolás, and so on. as a result of they play a extra uncovered sport, if nothing else after all”

22.09 Edoardo: «Lory is probably the most mendacity particular person I do know. Nick the most important disappointment, makes the buddy then communicate from behind. Right here there are individuals who play soiled, they feed Gennaro in order that he wins the assessments. The one one who’s secure is Marco Cucolo as a result of together with his look he wish to be with us however sadly he has to defend his girlfriend ». Nick: “I used to be by no means proud of the assault on Lory, however I determine for myself even when they inform me to do one thing else, I respect it”

22.05 With the ultimate approaching the nerves soar extra simply, clip. Particularly the fights with Lory del Santo

22.04 Carmen Di Pietro already makes issues clear: “You do not eat”

22.00 The 2 pirates soar from the helicopter and attain the castaways

21.54 Clip about Vera and Soleil who’re about to land on the Island. The Piratesse could have the duty of making two groups, Crew Vera and Crew Soleil, to guard their favourite castaways and as a substitute give these that aren’t to your liking.

21.53 Reference to Alvin and castaways

21.51 Clip on the difficulties of the castaways this week, a brand new hole has been created between them

Isola 2022, Guendalina and Alessandro absent from the studio, the controversy “It isn’t truthful” grows

21.48 After the controversy of the previous few days within the Guendalina Tavassi studio, Alessandro Iannoni, Ciega and Licia Núñez. And the good return of Jeda, Vera Gemma’s boyfriend

21.46 Ilary Blasi within the studio with an attractive black lace neckline and a clear longuett. There are three episodes left to achieve the finale.

21.42 The advances of the Island of the Well-known

Learn additionally> Isola 2022, Gwendolyn and Alessandro absent from the studio, the controversy “It isn’t truthful” grows

Throughout tonight’s episode ofisland, two particular visitor stars will arrive at Playa Palapa: Vera Gemma and Soleil Sorge. The Pirates can be tasked with creating two groups, Crew Vera and Crew Soleil, to guard their favourite castaways and as a substitute give these they do not like a tough time.

The previous castaways Guendalina Tavassi and Alessandro Iannoni can be current within the studio: Ilary Blasi will want your complicity to prepare a joke about Carmen Di Pietro and one other about Edoardo Tavassi. Additionally invited Ciegos and Licia Núñez.

One between Estefania Bernal and Lory Del Santo must go away the Palapa to achieve Playa Sgamadissima, and proper in Playa Sgamadissima the eradicated will collide with Pamela Petrarolo for staying as a lonely castaway. The vote of the viewers will determine. On the finish of the episode, an surprising novelty will take the castaways without warning: they must go away Playa Rinovada for a brand new and inhospitable seashore the place they will begin their life on the island from scratch. “L’Isola dei Famosi” can be broadcast once more on Monday, June 13.

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