Earning 8.9 million BRL with a course for restaurant owners – Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios

+ Marcelo Marani of Minas Gerais, owner of two pizzerias and founder of an online course for restaurant owners, earned BRL 8.9 million in 2021. The secret to success? “I passed bankruptcy and debtsBut when I look back, I see that it helped me. I learned to deal with problems through studies and technical and … Read more

Silvie travels through Portugal with one goal: to show 365 amazing places – like this one – Travel

Silvie Couto, 46, challenged herself on September 2, 2021: Visit 365 places in Portugal. The “incredibles” part, a word he includes in the Instagram description where he shares the photos resulting from this challenge, made sense as he set out on his way to each new destination. “It’s all so beautiful and there are places … Read more

An immigrant publishes a book to help Portuguese-speaking children in Luxembourg

Cynthia Ertel’s book “O Papagaio Imigrante” was created to help children, descendants of immigrants from the countries of the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, achieve great academic success. Live 2 minutes. 25.10.2021 From our online archive Children’s literature Lusa Cynthia Ertel’s book “O Papagaio Imigrante” was created to help children, descendants of immigrants from the … Read more

7 foods you don’t need to cut out of your life

We are often left with doubts about what we can really eat, but the truth is that we have so much information at our disposal today – what we are missing is looking for reliable sources and data that have a scientific basis for our safety. Therefore, being radical when it comes to eating doesn’t … Read more

Immigrants donate over a billion euros to social security in 2020

© André Rolo / Global Images BehindLusa/TSF December 18, 2021 • 09:44 Immigrants in Portugal contributed more than 1 billion euros in social security contributions in 2020 but received only 273 million euros in social benefits, according to a statistical report from the Migration Observatory. Connected “Believing that building walls will solve the problem of … Read more

The 14 Best Things to Do in Portugal

There are several fantastic experiences that can be had in our country. Discover the 14 best things to do in Portugal. European Best Destinations (EBD) is an international website that has become a reference in tourism, influencing many travelers who want to know the best of Europe. EBD focuses on the best of European countries. … Read more

Matsuo Basho: Itinerant writer lives for haiku

A life in the service of literature There was a time when I was so envious of people who held government positions or owned great estates, and I sometimes thought about entering the Buddha Kingdom and the halls where parents taught. Instead, I exhausted my body on erratic journeys like wind and clouds, and focused … Read more