“We go too far after we are imply, however we do not go too far”

Enthusiastic about music, cinema and music, the 2 companions will meet June 22-25 in Rochefort for the second version of the Twin Sister Pageant. She is an actress and producer, however she began singing opera. He is a singer and songwriter, however he makes cute arcs in cinema. On this frequent floor, between music and … Read more

Proust and Orwell are inflated by comics

leisure – Chloe Crutchodet and Xavier Coste, stars of the Lyon B.D. Competition on June 11 and 12, have brilliantly tailored their favourite novelists. They each have one factor in widespread, an unquenchable ardour for a significant author of twentieth century literature.e century. Chlo√© Cruchaudet found Marcel Proust late in his life. However she threw … Read more

Atiq and Alice Rahimi father and daughter

A father and his son. Two intensity. He has clear eyes full of sunshine, a frank smile that regularly bursts into laughter, a clear appetite to share with others. She has jet black hair, touching beauty, a look that dives into herself in search of the word before lighting up with a generous smile. They … Read more

The world goes back down when the ‘good’ people give up.

The journalist who exposed the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data leakage scandal inspired a heroine Noah The third size of 9, The espionage epic of a prolific French writer. We’ve brought them together for an exclusive exchange. He’s a French writer who needs no introduction, a British investigative journalist who uncovered one of the biggest scandals of … Read more

Matsuo Basho: Itinerant writer lives for haiku

A life in the service of literature There was a time when I was so envious of people who held government positions or owned great estates, and I sometimes thought about entering the Buddha Kingdom and the halls where parents taught. Instead, I exhausted my body on erratic journeys like wind and clouds, and focused … Read more